Paper jewels - New Collection!

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APJcw - Orange paper necklace [APJcw]

Paper necklace. Circles made out of orange Lokta Nepal paper, with sunwash designs (two rows), hanged on silk orange twine along with agate stones. Long necklace.

The jewels are handmade and their basic material is paper. The paper used, is handmade and comes from Thailand, China, Japan,  India etc. Paper from old books or magazines has also been used.  The process of the paper to reach to become jewels,  is different for each item. In some pieces the paper is rolled up, in others comes into moulds, or is painted. All pieces are varnished to withstand everyday use. To maintain them intact, avoid storing them along with hard jewellery. When you travel place them alone in a hard box.   The water drops don't affect them. If they become too wet, let them dry without changing their form.   

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