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The exploration of the potential of different materials, was always one of my interests. Paper was always a choice. It gives you the freedom to play with the forms, the colors, with its different textures, you can cut it in any form you wish, with no limitation. This is how the paper jewels resulted and a ‘’humble’’ material, became a valuable object.
Some of the materials occurred incidentally. Once I wanted to transfer some objects and I used a large piece of soft window screen. It revealed to me its endurance and its transparency looked really interesting. So the soft window screen, became a bag.
The preference for handmade items and the need of creation, led me to the form that you see now. Studio AN is the result of the cooperation of materials and hands.
Andreadi NikoLetta



Paper necklace made of rice paper
Paper necklace made of rice paper
Green necklace made of big paper beads
Green necklace made of big paper beads
Paper chain
Paper chain
Fuchsia paper necklace
Fuchsia paper necklace
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